Kat Webber

With an attention to detail & extensive understanding of multiple genres, Kat brings a deliberate eye to her work as a editor & director. Kat received a BFA in Acting from York University, which gives her an extensive understanding of scene work, storytelling and a unique familiarity with an actor’s process. As a director/editor she is a true collaborator at heart, understanding the scope of any project from production through post. After years of editing international broadcast campaigns, feature films & award winning music videos, including Drake’s “Nice for What” & “In My Feelings,” she’s studied the process from the inside out. Analog holds a special place in her heart. She sees the sensitive care, meticulous technique, and specialized physical process of shooting & developing film as a metaphor for how she likes to approach the work. There’s a magic in the purr of a camera burning a moment in time onto celluloid. She believes that each decision from pre-production to post comes down to one question: what serves the story?