As the first lady of Popp Rok, Karena Evans is quickly becoming one of world’s most sought-after directors. The multifaceted director, actor and writer began her rise as an intern for veteran music video director, Director X, and is now his protégé. Her visual style is highly stylized, cinematic, authentic, narrative heavy and completely full of human spirit; these are just some words that describe her unique abilities.

As Karena continues to evolve, she makes history becoming the first woman to receive the Prism Prize’s Lipsett Award for her innovative creative approach to music video art — one of the highest music video honours in the country. At the outset of her career, she worked with clients such as SiR, Anders, Belly, CBC Arts’ “Heartbreak to Art” 10-part-series, Nike’s Air Max campaign and her heartfelt “Black Lives Matter” social commentary piece.

Karena’s style and brand of work led her to direct the groundbreaking GOD’S PLAN music video for Drake. This trailblazer is an artist, a storyteller, a strong black woman and a prolific visionary. Bear witness to the future of storytelling.