Diane Russo is a director and photographer whose work is all about celebrating the complexity of human experience. Diane’s work began in fashion, where she worked (her ass off) as first assistant to top industry photographer, Cass Bird. Afterwards, Diane moved into filmmaking and storytelling – creating shareable social media videos, subversive fashion films and music videos.

Her films are characterized by a strong sense of visual boldness: mixing unexpected compositions with unforgettable faces. Having a background in fashion, she builds worlds where clothing and style play an indelible role in the storytelling. She’s created films and photographs for publications like TeenVogue, Document Journal, and V Magazine. Diane has garnered awards for Best Independent Film at the Australian Fashion Film Awards and Best Art Direction at A Shaded View on Fashion Festival in Paris.

Raised in New Jersey and currently living in Brooklyn, Diane takes inspiration from her roots – combining the foundation of her loud Italian American upbringing, her queer identity, and deep commitment to visual beauty to make films that are striking, heartfelt, and authentic. Her work spans a diverse range of themes – from revolution and rebellion to heartbreak and connection. As a woman in film, it’s critical for her to tell stories that speak truth through beauty, humor, and a healthy amount of swagger.